Vans Atwood shoes are pretty tough

The Vans Atwood skate shoe features the famous Vans waffle sole and for skaters has the highly desired grippy sole. It is a durable shoe that lasts well. The insoles are also good for board feel and the shoes don't take long to break in.

They are not always easy to find so buying online is a good option.

Other features include things like:

  • a good fit
  • solidly made
  • good choice of materials, for example suede
  • good board feel

Atwoods are good for everyone

Vans Atwoods, Vans shoe design is available for men, women and children and is suitable not only for skaters but also general day wear by non skaters.

As a kid's shoe they are great for everyday use.These shoes are really robust featuring the quality rubber outsole and will stand up to a real hammering.

Try a pair

Here are some Vans Atwoods. Get specific details regarding the colors and sizes available plus the materials the shoe is made from. Some styles are made using suede, some use canvas and some are a combination suede/canvas.

To sum up, they are a really good skaters shoe plus are perfectly fine as streetwear.  They are tough shoes.